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(AKA Snowball) I may be the younger of we two newscatters, but I am by far
the most educated via online courses, YouTube instructional videos, and
what I have learned from extensive collection of Saved By The Bell DVDs. I
happily use my substantial skills as official blogger,video editor, and graphic
designer (as Decoy is functionally illiterate).Unlike Decoy who views
Fe9News as a way to advertise his demonstrative opinions and quest for
power, i have always wanted to be an anchorcat- sifting through the litter of
the days events to find the nuggets of truth to share with all feline kind. The
one thing that Decoy and I share is our commitment to global feline unification
and frankly it is the only thing keeping us together. That- plus the fact we
still can’t figure out how to turn a doorknob.



(Aka Mr. Snickerdoodle). Did I mention he is overbearing, crass and hopeless
with anything mildly technological (I even have to write his own Bio for
him). Decoy would sell his own kin if he thought they would fetch a fair price.
He is a persistent(but not savvy) business negotiator, but unfortunately his
lack of education often gets us into trouble.Decoy may think he has “street
smarts”, but he falls for every Nigerian Prince or telemarketer that offers him
a venture opportunity. His one saving grace is he cleans the hard to reach
spot on the back of my head for me and we both REALLY hate dogs.




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